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Best Laptop 2018 - Buyer's Guide

Laptop usage have been fairly increased and the use of desktop computers have decreased to about 40% due the different types of advanced generation personal laptops in the market. Laptop usage will increase because it is 100% more suitable and portable and also user friendly than the desktop versions. Personal Computers are more used in large offices and businesses including the various schools and colleges. They have also extended market for their existence in the market. This article "Best Laptop 2018" is mainly focused on the advanced laptop inventions which are predicted to run in the future and mainly launched in the market to run till the future and satisfy their master computer needs.

Here I am going to describe the Top 10 best laptop 2018 which are among the best sellers of Amazon and many more E commerce sites. The Best lists include laptops like Dell, Samsung, Acer, Apple and many more well known Laptop brands and their best inventions.

The first ever laptop idea was designed in 1971 by company Xerox known as Dyna book. Therefore after some more research IBM launched IBM 5100 which became available in the market for personal use. Laptop was a great invention which contained all the accessories which a whole desktop system contains but in a small size like the Motherboard Processors, memory chips both external and internal, optical disk drives and hard drives, flat keyboards and mini speakers enabled within the system, a large LCD desktop screen which are made touchscreen for greater prices. Here all my explained laptops are master technologies which are the best creations of respective big branded companies and the fact is they are also available for a very cheap price excluding some of the Valuable company products like Apple which are only available for great prices than the others.

Best Laptop 2018

My given list is created through well research and analyzing hundreds of different sites. The reviews which are mentioned here are from the buyer's who gave their experience after using the laptop. I hope that this lists can help you through all the different face and aspects of advanced laptops and the best sellers which are mostly sold all over the world through different E commerce websites.

1. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-57D4 15.6-Inches Best Laptop 2018 - Best Seller #1

Acer Aspire Best laptop 2018
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Acer is a Chinese Company founded in 1967 in the month of August. Popularly known as the Multi National Company it was formally called Multi Tech. The founder of the company were Stan Shih. The company mainly focuses on manufacturing products like Electronics, Hardware and Computer Accessories. The company is better known by it's products manufactured in Computer Accessories. Their products mainly include LED Television, Video projector, Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktops. In the year 2015 the whole total revenue of the Company was about 268 Billion dollars.

Features and Performance

Acer Laptops Ranked number #1 in the Traditional Best Laptop 2018 section and number #29 in the Computer and Accessories section on the Amazon Best Seller list. The laptop to say is extremely heavy than the other with a lot of features for a very small price. The exact dimension of the product is about 10.2, 15 and 1.12 inches which is larger than the others below. This laptop represents a all in one laptop which contains almost all of the features and mainly designed to take in a lot of load and pressure which is mainly seen at the time of gaming and business. It can perform both at a single place of time like gaming laptop and business laptop. There are over 2200 reviews by the buyer's and customers and thanks to them for taking their time to share their experience. There are also more than 435 answered questions by the sellers to clear every feature of the product whether it is small or large to the Item Amazon Product Page visitors.

Recommended as the best and that is the reason it is the best seller among all the laptops online with a lot of features like a master computer. There are a lot of advanced technology and specifications added for a hand some amount of time. The battery back up is great which can extent up to 12 hours which is the best among all the others. One time charge can run the system for even a week if used for business purpose rather than the hard intense gaming. Ram is considered to be 8 GB DDR4 of memory and 256 GB Flash memory SSD storage. The Latest graphics card installed here is Ge Force 940MX NVIDIA which 2GB GDDR5 of in built video memory.

The Display Screen is great with a screen width of 15.6 Inches which is the largest width available online for a easy carry laptop. The screen is total HD with a LED view. The technology used here is the Acer Color Blast Technology with back light. The fastest processor among all the others available online is used here which is Intel Core 7th Generation i5 7200 U which can run up to a speed of 3.1 GHz. The fact is with a little increase in money you can also apply to have the Intel Core i7 which will add a 100$ increase to the original price.


The laptop is converted into sleek design and look without any type unnecessary lines and looks

There is a easy access at the right bottom corner to the SSD Memory to handle everything quite easily

Extra Powerful Processing with the latest i7 Intel Core blazing faster than the blink of an eye

The graphics card used here is the Latest NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2 GB to pop up video and games

Wireless Connectivity is 3 times faster than any other with MU MIMO Technology

Acer Color Blast Technology which powers 90% more color accuracy than others

Video Calling Through Skype is Certified from the company itself which has built in design

Internal RAM is 4 GB and External Flash Drive is 256 GB

1 Li Ion battery which can last for more than 12 hours

Customer service is great which can even response quickly in terms of repair


The Display is not IPS but usually greater than that

There are no defects at all even through my Deep Research

best price

2. ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 11.6 Inches Best Laptop 2018

Asus Chrome book Laptop
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Asus is a Multi National Company expert in Electronic products. Founded in Taiwan in the year 1989 by Ted Hsu. They are mainly expert in producing Computer Accessories like Tablet Personal Computers, Mother boards, Monitors, Laptops, Desktops, Multi media, Work stations, Games and many more. In the year 2015 the whole total revenue of the company was about 472 Billion Dollars in which the profit was 17 Billion Dollars.

Features and Performance

Asus Laptop Ranked number #3 in the Traditional Best Laptop 2018 section and number #34 in the Computer and Accessories section on the Amazon Best Seller. The total weight of the item is about 2.2 pounds which makes it light so that it may not break after falling from the table or bed. The total dimension of the product with respect to length, width and height are 11.6, .9 and 7.9 which is equal to max screen laptop available all over. A total of 619 reviews have been done by the customers and previous buyer's on the review section so that the new buyer's can clear their each small doubt before buying the item. There are also a total of more than 500 questions being answered by the seller company to clear every misconception about the product.

The Display screen is made with a sleek design with a image resolution of (1366,768 pixels) and HD Anti Glare display with 11.6 inches of length. The battery is made strong with 10 hours of limit less working. RAM of the laptop is about 4 GB DDR3 and the External flash storage is about 16 GB which is great for this price. The only feature which is not available is the DVD and CD drive.

As the chrome book follows a trend of it's own and Asus turning into a branded and valuable company the customers cannot install the official Microsoft office software but can open, edit and use it by the free pre installed Quick Office Edit or by the Google Documents application or can even download the Online version for free.

The Asus Chromebook is made extremely rough so that customers and gamer do not face any problem in operating it and are equip with keyboard with spill resistant feature, handles for easy grip and rubber guards. The Processor installed is Latest Intel Celeron N3060 with 2 MB cache memory which can work as fast as up to 2.48 GHz which is blazing fast than the blink of an eye.

The Ship box contains many added accessories like AC Adapter, manual, warranty card and many other items.


The Processor in the system is Latest Intel Celeron N3060 with 2 MB Cache Memory and running speed of 2.4 GHz

The battery back up works best and can last up to 10 hours even after continuous use

Anti glare display with 11.6 Inches of HD Screen and resolution of (1366, 768 pixel)

4 GB of Internal RAM and 16 GB of External Flash Memory

Mainly designed for class room like Easy Grip, Drop tested, and Rubber embedded edges

The laptop have a built in 180 Degree Hinge which opens the Chrome book to it's full extension

The keyboard is made spill resistant to avoid accident typing

Offer is Free 100 GB Google Drive storage for 2 years which is awesome

1 year of warranty which I do not need to say and almost all the review items here have it

Speaker are good not much loud or noisy but according to the requirement


No DVD and CD Drive space installed everything should be done through pen drive or cords

The Customer cannot install Microsoft Office directly but can use through any Third Party Software

best price

3. Acer Chromebook R 11, 11.6-Inch HD Touch Best Laptop 2018 - Best Seller #1

Acer Chrome book laptop
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Founded in the year 1976 about 42 years ago and the Headquarter is located in  Xizhi of Taiwan. Former known as the Multi Tech changed it's name in the year 1987. Their products are available all over the world. Their product development main focus is on the computer accessories and hardware. In 2015 they generated more than 260 billion dollars in revenue.

Features and Performance

Ranked number #1 in the 2 in 1 Best Laptop 2018 section and number #37 in the Computer and Accessories section on the Amazon Best Seller List. With a weight of 2.8 pounds the product is easy to carry and travel about anywhere from school to office. The total dimension of the product is about 8, 11.6 and .7 inches which makes it a average one and not extra large or extra small to create any problem but it is a little bit of large due to it's specifications and features. There are over 470 customer reviews by the certified buyer's so that you can check and analyze each and every problem or benefits which the customers are experiencing after buying it and over 361 answered questions by the sellers to clear your each and every doubt about the laptop on the Amazon Product Page.

The System runs on Chrome OS Latest Operating System attached with Intel HD Graphics to perform it's best at the time of gaming or business projects. Latest technology installed is DDR3L Shared graphics memory. The wireless connectivity is very strong. The battery power is great which can last up to 10 hours minimum capability. The internal RAM is about 4 GB and the external storage is about 32 GB which can be increased later according to the customer requirement. The total display is not too large but have a 11.6 inch HD screen with LED back light display. Other extra ordinary feature is the monitor screen is touch screen with multi touch which can support up to 10 different fingers at the same time.

The processor is Intel Celeron Quad Core N3150 which can run up to a maximum speed of 1.6 GHz but sometimes a lightning fast technology can be used with Burst Intel option to increase the processor speed up to 2.10 GHz. The battery is 3 cell lithium battery with 3220 mAH potential. Other unknown fact is that the laptop can turn up to 360 degree which can be converted to 4 different model like tent, tablet, display, and notebook.


The Chrome Book mainly focuses on the design and look which can impress anyone

3 Cell li ion battery 3220 mAH which works great and lasts longer than usual for even a week

A 360 degree turn laptop with different textures like note book, display, tent and tablet

A laptop with highly efficient processor and fast connections to be operated with wifi and blue tooth for gaming

An high HD web cam of (1280, 720 pixels) to show clear picture during Video calling

The 2 built in speakers work too good and there is no need of any additional loud speakers

Touch screen feature works nice and almost available in all the 10 laptops described here


Mainly featured as a light laptop but still it is little heavy when hold as a tablet
Speakers cannot be customized as equalizer as it is chrome book

best price

4. HP W LED Back lit Display Best Laptops 2018 15.6 Inches HD 

HP LED Best Laptop
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Founded in the year 1939 and the Headquarter is located in Palo Alto of California in United States. Popularly known as a Multi National American Company. Their company mainly focuses of Computer Hardware and Software including all the IT services and Consultation. The name of the founder is William Redington.

Features and Performance

HP Business Laptop Ranked number #5 in the Traditional Best Laptop 2018 section and number #42 in the Computer and Accessories section on the Amazon Best Seller. The item is a little bit of heavy with a weight of 4.7 pounds and a product dimension of 15, 10 and .9 inches which makes it extra large with big display screen and great keyword to be operated. There are over 334 reviews by the certified buyer's and those who gave a little bit of time to come and review about the product which they bought from the store and over 248 different answered questions by the sellers to make sure that no false descriptions or hidden feature be disclosed to any of the buyer before buying it.

Installed with the latest Windows 10 it is 0.9 inch thin and the whole total weight is about 4.74 pounds which is great to amount of features equip in it. The battery is a 3 cell lithium battery which have the potential to suffer utmost load and lasts longer even if played games or run software. The color of the laptop is made black so that dust or small scratch could not be noticed properly. The laptop is provided with a DVD section to watch all the movies and videos including any other software installs and games. The wireless connectivity is made extremely strong to with 802.11 ac, latest blue tooth connection 4.0, touch pad, media card reader, multi touch and web cam.

A lot of ports are provided to connect to any third party system like 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, and 1 headphone and microphone unit with Ethernet connection of 10/100. This HP laptop runs on Latest Quad Core processor AMD A6 7310 which is 2 GHz. The internal RAM is about 4 GB with running speed of 1600 MHz and the external hard disk is about 500 GB which runs with 5400 RPM. the display resolution is (1366, 768 pixels) and the screen width is about 15.6 inches. The keyboard comes with back light display to use at mid night.


The Internal RAM is 4 GB and the External Drive is 500 GB

The Processor is AMD Quad Core with a speed of 2.0 GHz

1 year Warranty on the product which contain replacement and repair

Customer service works best and quick reply and repair as a Brand

The battery is 3 cell lithium which can last 6 hours after heavy use

A student laptop with high efficiency and performance features

Extra large screen of 15.6 inches with cool design and looks


The system often comes with non required company software which result in excess CPU usage. Must be removed

best price

5. Samsung Chromebook 3, Best Laptop 2018 11.6 Inches 

Samsung Chrome book best laptop 2018
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Samsung is better known by each and everyone in this world by the invention of their Galaxy Series Smartphones in the market. A South Korean Multi National Company founded in the year 1938 about 79 years ago. In the year 2014 Their total generated revenue was about 305 Billion Dollars. The total number of employees working under their belt are 500000 and even more all over the world. They are manufacturing products in every sector and their is even a electronic sector left where they are not available.

Features and Performance

Samsung Laptops Ranked number #6 in the Traditional Best Laptops section and number #54 in the Computer and Accessories section on the Amazon Best Seller. The Exact weight of the laptop is about 2.5 pounds which makes it light and slim to carry it anywhere and everywhere without much difficulty as it made extremely portable. The whole total dimension of the product is about 11.4, 8.04 and .7 inches which makes it great and equal to the average size used by any other laptop. There are over 52 reviews by the trusted buyer's and customers who take their time to review it after being using it and there are a total of 89 answered questions by the seller to the customers who faced a doubt while buying the product.

Samsung have been a branded company in the field of electronic items and appliances from minor to major. The keyboards are made spill resistant so that it can protect the inner system damage from any type of accident or children faults. The battery of Samsung products are great and are more than any other company but after few years it needs to be changed after it's over use. The average battery usage is about 11 hours and can last longer if heavy software or browser surfing are not run on it. The display screen is made taking a lot of things in mind about the user health and benefits and experience with image enhancer. The display is anti reflective in nature with 11.6 Inches HD screen. Samsung have joined hands with the multi billionaire company google and the the Google Chrome with latest updated version come installed in the laptop.

The internal RAM space of the system is 4 GB with external storage 16 GB and the Latest Intel Processor is Celeron N3060. The processor runs at 1.6 GHz. The screen resolution is (1366, 768 pixels).


The display is made image enhancer with anti reflective screen 11.6 Inches
Extended standard warranty on the product from the company
Best product for the best price
Ram is 4 GB which works great with external 16 GB
The Processor installed is Latest Intel Celeron N3060
Keyboard comes with multiple short cuts and hot keys to access anything faster and makes it user friendly
Extreme light weight and portable to carry and a little smaller than the average laptop
Long and lasting battery life of more than 11 hours


The average length and width of the laptop is a little smaller

best price

6. Apple Mac Book Air Best Laptop 2018 13.3 Inches

Apple mac book laptop
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Founded in the year 1976 by Steve Jobs and team. Headquarter located in Cupertino California of United States. Popularly known as a American Multi National Company and the whole total revenue in the year 2016 was about 215 billion dollars. They are a valuable brand and running a system of their own in smartphones and laptops.

Features and Performance

Apple Mac Ranked number #7 in the Traditional Best Laptop 2018 section and number #58 in the Computer and Accessories section on the Amazon Best Seller. The weight of the Mac book is only 3 pounds which is average and extremely portable while carrying office and schools. The Dimension of the item is 8.9, 12.8 and .7 inches which makes it smooth and slim to work faster. There are over 236 reviews by the buyer's or customers and over 242 answered questions by the seller which mentions that the customer service is good and currently the laptop is used by millions of people.

This Mac Book is among the best laptop 2018 and also one of the most successful sellers of Apple Incorporation. The battery is highly efficient and can last longer up to 8 hours of use after continuously playing games and surfing internet. They does not have a retina display on any channel model. The resolution of the laptop is about (1440,990 pixels) which is a little more than the average with 13.3 Inch display on wide screen LED back lit diagonally. The internal storage of the laptop is about 8 GB with 1600 MHz and the external storage is of 128 GB based on the flash storage.

The latest processor installed here is about Intel i5 which run with 1.6 GHz and 3 MB of total cache storage. The note book can boost up to 2.7 GHz from 1.6 GHz. Comes with a 1 Year Standard Warranty and a serial number.


Contains a USB port while many Mac book Pro laptop does not have it

Mac Book is extremely fast with super fast processing. Literally takes less time than other ones

The battery life is extremely good and last longer maybe sometime charging once a week is enough

Extra Ordinary Speakers for great loud sound to run at parties and watching movies or playing songs

Everything in this note book is made quiet even the key pad to type slowly which less noise taking down notes in class room

Made light weight and portable to carry anywhere easily like office and schools

Great and large display of 13.3 Inches with back lit keyboard to work at late night

Sierra update can be done for free if the Mac comes with EL Captain


If the mouse pad creates a rough issue in operating you can buy wireless mouse

best price

7. Lenovo 110s Premium Built Highly Efficient 11.6 Inches HD Best Laptop 2018

Lenovo Premium Laptop
View on Amazon

Founded in the year 1984 in the month of November about 32 years ago. The Founder of the Company was Liu Chuanzhi and the headquarter is located in Beijing China and the other one in North Carolina of United States. The products produced by the company are mainly electronic items like laptops, smartphones, desktops, accessories and all other home appliances stuff. The whole total revenue of the company in the year 2016 was more than 43 billion dollars.

Features and Performance

Lenovo Laptop Ranked number #16 in the Best Laptop section and number #126 in the Computer and Accessories section on the Amazon Best Sellers. This laptop is medium slim and weights only 2.5 pounds which can be carried anywhere and is highly portable. The total dimension of the product is 11.5, 8 and 7.5 inches which is exact to the normal average size available. There are over 228 customer reviews and about a total of 204 answered questions by the seller which certifies that the product is hugely used all over the world and tested by many people.

One of the Best Laptop 2018 for the best price than the others. Installed with the latest Windows 10 the software runs fast and smoothly. The color of the laptop is extreme white including the keyboard and everything. The laptop is as thin as .7 Inch. The wireless connectivity is great with blue tooth 4.0 and wifi connectivity of 802.11 ac which seems to be powerful when connected. The speakers provided are stereo type which are loud and customers do not need to use any type of headphones or buy additional speaker from the market for watching movies and videos. The webcam equip in the product is of top quality to be used during video calling. Several USB ports for media card reader are also provided.

The all in one USB port information is here as follows 1 HDMI port, 1 Headphone output and 1 microphone output, 1 USB port for 3.0 and 2 USB port for 2.0 which are great for different types of uses and becomes versatile. Now talking about the properties of the laptop, the internal RAM is 2 GB which is best for this price, 32 GB SSD storage hard drive which works great. The core processor is Intel CeleronN3060 which is dual core and runs with 1.6 GHz. The latest Intel Graphics card is used Intel HD Graphics 400. The whole total screen resolution is about (1366,768 Pixels) and display screen 11.6 Inches with HD LED back lit.


The Lenovo Laptop is Light weight and highly portable which can be carried anywhere and everywhere

The system runs on Intel Celeron Dual Core Processor N3060 with 1.6 GHz and Intel HD Graphics Card 400

A Highly Efficient product with an extremely cheap price

The Internal storage RAM is 2 GB and external SSD storage is 32 GB

Mainly designed for students for study purpose like slim weight, graphics and processor

Customer Service is great as it is well branded company and knows how much the customer satisfaction is required


The Anti Virus software is not installed from before

The keyboard lacks back light which is not required any more for professionals

best price

8. Acer Predator Helios 300 Best Gaming Laptop 2018 15.6 Inches

Acer predator best laptop 2018
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The name of the company was Multi Tech from the year 1976 to the year 1987. The name of the founder was Stan Shih. Headquarter located in Taiwan. The company have became a big brand in the world of electronics and manufacture almost all the products related to computer and electronics. The revenue in the year 2015 was more than 260 billion dollars.

Features and Performance

Ranked number #14 in the Traditional Best Laptops 2018 section and number #136 in the Computer and Accessories section on the Amazon Best Sellers. The total weight of the product is about 6 pounds which make it little bit heavy to carry but can run. The whole dimension of the item is about 15.35, 10.4 and 1.1 inches which is great and big than the others. There are over 162 customer reviews and a total of 329 answered questions by the seller itself. Acer have been a great brand in the laptop section and a product of it's own company is ranking on the first position being the best seller which is being mentioned at the top. The only difference between this laptop and the top most one which belong to the same Acer Incorporation is that the cost because it is price higher and best seller one comes at lower price with a little low specifications.

This Acer Predator is mainly made for a smooth gaming experience and appears at the top of Gaming Laptop section to provide hands on 3 Dimensional experience to it's users. The laptop battery usage can last up to 7 hours even when played highly ram usage games and software. The internal memory of the laptop seems to be 16 GB DDR4 and the external hard disk drive comprises of 256 GB SSD which suits well with the gaming experience. The screen resolution of the laptop is about (1920,1080 pixel) which is 15.4 Inches of wide screen with IPS Display feature. Other latest technology for graphics card installed is the dedicated GDDR5 VRAM with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 GB that is specially for the gamer. The latest and super fast Intel i7 7700HQ Quad Core is installed in it with processor performance of 3.8 GHz.

The other latest features are the dual fan nature for cooling and keeping the machine run smoothly and the metal form factor. The Metal Chassis makes the laptop even more stronger and powerful so that it does not get break even after falling from table or bed. The Back Lit keyboard gives the item a sleek look and design which only the gamer can understand. There are several connectors provided to connect through different servers and other laptops for multiplayer gaming.


The Red and Black Color Design gives the laptop a very Intense Look

7th Generation Intel i7 7700HQ Processor along with the latest  Ge Force GTX 1060 Graphics Card can show much potential

Ram of 16 GB, Flash Memory Size of 256 GB and the Graphics Card of 6 GB What else do you want

Service is good when it comes to replace and repair within the warranty period

The hardware installed in this laptop are equal to the price paid

Battery runs great even after several years of use. The average is 7 hours after intense gaming

Several Connectors are available to plug in server, USB ports, remote controllers and others


After buying the product some updates are required which include firmware
Some accessories are needed to be bought to complete the gaming set

best price

9. Dell Inspiron Flagship F HD Touchscreen Back lit Best Keyboard Laptop 15.6 Inches 

Dell Inspiron best laptop 2018
View on Amazon

Popularly known as the Multi National Company located in United States in Texas in the year 1984 about 34 years ago. Founded by Michael Dell now the company have more than 140000 employees all over the world. The Dell Incorporation have more than experience than the others in the sector of electronics and mainly focuses on the Computer hardware and software and no other appliances or parts like the others.

Features and Performance

Dell Inspiron Ranked number #14 in the Traditional Best Laptop section and number #140 in the Computer and Accessories section on the Amazon Product Page. The total weight of the item is about 5.4 pounds which is greater than the others due to it's high end specifications. The over all dimension of the product is 15, 11 and .94 inches which makes it larger than the others. There are over 478 customer reviews and 359 answered questions from the seller which means that it has well user base all over the world and they are are ones who reviewed after buying their product.

Comes installed with a Windows 10 operating system with silver matte chassis. The whole total resolution of the screen is about (1920,1080 pixels) which is a little bit of large than the others and meant for professional use and personal use. The screen of about 15.6 inches is full HD and made touch screen to be operated with hands too. The External Hard Disk storage space is about 1 TB which is extra large space to store thousands of songs, hundreds of movies and games. The laptop is incorporated with a DVD Drive Tray Load which read and write and can even burn DVD/CD. The Internal Ram storage is 8 GB which is itself great and can take and handle extreme pressure created by several applications and big games at a point of time. Comes with a In Built i5 processor by Intel but can be shifted to i7 Intel for some extra amount of money. The processor specifications are as described like 2.30 GHz, 1866 MHz 3 MB.

The hard drive of 1 TB runs at 5400 rpm which is great. The graphics processor is Intel HD 520 with shared graphics memory. The wireless connection wifi, blue tooth, cable in built is very strong and powerful and works without any disruption. the average battery life is 7 hours after full charging which exists when even played games or surfing internet.


Extra large screen and HD quality to play games, watch movies, videos and songs

The Pre Installed Crap software are less and the speed is great and blazing fast

Sound quality is loud and there is no need of additional speakers and headphones to hear the sound clearly

Touch screen is made smooth but the customers say that not as much as on smartphone like the glass screen

The Back Lit keyboard and the mouse works smooth and great with little or low resistance while drag. Cleaning is necessary

The battery runs for 8 hours on average even on running high performance software
Best product for the best price
The design, look and screen resolution is great which shows perfectly sharp and deep colors
Service center works great as it is a branded company and selling products from many years
Mainly designed to handle a lot of load at the same time


The only issue is that the start up takes a little time due to the whole lot of high effective technology installed

best price

10. HP Stream Best Laptop 2018 PC 14 Inch Diagonal HD Screen

HP Stream best laptop 2018
View on Amazon

Founded by William Redington in the year 1939 about 79 years ago. Headquarter located in Palo Alto of California. This company have years of expertise in making laptops and computers and after some years of it's foundation it also started service in IT Consultation.

Features and Performance

Ranked number #15 in the Traditional Best Laptops 2018 section and number #130 in the Computer and Accessories section on the Amazon Best Seller products. The initial size of the laptop is about 14 inches which is great for personal and office use. The total weight is about 3.2 pounds by which it becomes easily portable and can be carried anywhere. The dimension of the item is about 9, 14 and .7 inches which is great. There are over 740 reviews by the customers who have shared their experience and over 486 answered questions by the seller which is a high engagement rate on the Amazon Product page and tested by many people all over the world.

The product is a high quality and efficient but a little less in features than the above laptops. There is no optical drive equip as the technology goes off fashion and not so fast to be operated in a highly effective and business laptop. There is a eMMC of 32 GB which is great and provides more space. The monitor digital screen is of the length of 14 Inches from the front view and the back lit. The resolution is about (1366,768) equal to any other similar laptop. The installed windows version is Windows 10 which is efficient and and it improves the working and operates the command at an extremely fast rate. The In Built SD Ram of the product is 4 GB which serves the ability to play high quality video games smoothly without any issue of virtual stop or any disruption. The laptop operates on dual core processor with 1.6 GHz and the running Intel processor is Intel Celeron N3060 which completes almost all the major specifications of the product.

The battery is powerful and can last up to 10 hours and 45 minutes without any difficulty but a little less when played a game. The other latest features include Wireless Technology of 802.11 ac 2,2 Wifi connection to establish a great and powerful connection from the source which can never be disconnected. Every software which comes in Microsoft Office 365 comes enabled in it like Excess, Word, Outlook, Power point, One Note and many more. The laptop contains a exceptional color with a sleek design and look to attract the eyes of everyone and make it look special. The other added specifications are Built in Webcam, digital media card reader, image pad with gesture option included and a clear high dimensional HD Screen for effective gaming experience.


14 Inch of HD Screen diagonally with bright view and back lit with resolution 1366, 768

1 TB of One drive storage comes free with Office 365 for 1 year of time

Extremely fast which usually take no time to start or shut down

The keyboard works efficiently

The Slim, Smooth and Small looking makes it highly portable which can be anywhere and adjust in any suit case, bags or brief case

The Light Purple color is attractive and can distract any body attention to your laptop

Touch pad works great but can also use a external wireless mouse to experience smooth scrolling


32 GB hard disk storage can sometimes doesn't work great so you can shift to 64 GB Micro SD Card
Speakers can lower their performance after a year of use so headphones are required for movies and videos

best price

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These are the Top 10 Lists for the "Best Laptop 2018" and every data and review guides written here are taken from the customer opinion from different E Commerce websites. If you find anything wrong addressed here please let me know through the comments. The selling and demand is so good for these products that some of them seem to enter the "Best Laptop 2019" section too.

There are something which you need to do after buy to make your laptop extremely fast and responsive like removing all the non necessary company pre installed software like the Mcfee Anti Virus, Help and support and others, Installing Google Chrome and keeping Fire fox and Internet Explorer and uninstalling all others. Cleaning up all the registry files and cache through some free clean software available online. Updating the Windows 10 to the latest version. That's all.


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